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don't fuckin take my headcanons lmao

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{ why are people so offended by a Hitler rp blog, yet you WILLINGLY rp with an East Berlin rp blog? Hm. Seems a bit funny to me don’t you think? }

okay my friend pointed this out to me and i was going to let it slide but you’re kind of absolutely 100% ignorant to the matter

the thing with hitler is that he committed the largest genocide in (recorded) history. there are hundreds upon thousands of sources that support the holocaust and hitler’s part in it and everything that happened. if you’d like a few sources and statistics, this says 5.9+ million jews were killed, this says 5.8+ were killed, and this goes with the generic 6 million jews figure. that’s not including the fact that basically anyone who wasn’t considered hitler’s perfect ideal of aryan beauty were sent off — homosexuals, blacks, etc. two-thirds of all european jews were estimated killed.

jewish people still suffer from this today. neo-nazism is still a huge issue today.

as for east berlin, yes, it was far from ideal, and freedom was restricted, but it wasn’t 11 million people. the berlin wall was terrible, and over a hundred people (x / x) died trying to cross it. that’s not including the deaths inside east berlin, or in east germany in general, but compare that to 11 million.

and i’d just like to point out that you’re… roleplaying as an original character for belarus, though????? i’m a more historical male!belarus blog myself, albeit on undefined hiatus, so i know from experience that you should really know better?


and that’s not to mention all the reporters who go missing, some of whom have been missing for over ten years:


and that’s not even with me delving too deep

because belarus is currently a dictatorship and it’s terrible conditions that are probably, honestly, comparable to east berlin/germany because of the severe human rights violations, lack of freedom of speech, and terrible living conditions all around

so i mean yeah

that is a bit funny to me, you know

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i still get followers on here

i still have followers on here


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why does everybody make their characters like bi or demi or pan or something

it’s okay to have a homophobic country be, y’know, straight

it’s not repressive or anything it’s just how the country would be


it’s just fine, you guys

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i’ll be here a lot more than mikalaj yep uvu;

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i’ll be here a lot more than mikalaj yep uvu;

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torekate replied to your post:“I do not know what is happening. Why do I ever show up here. What is…”
It’s just a little bit of fun, unwind a little bit, Mikalaj!


I do. I unwind every night. I am not wound up.

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I don’t know either but I’m a little concerned and very uncomfortable.

I do not enjoy the karaoke.

Why is everyone? Singing.

I— do not much blame Maria for no longer showing her face.

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I do not know what is happening.

Why do I ever show up here.

What is happening. I am uncomfortable.

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Male!Belarus appreciation post

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